MASTER FIT uPVC Pipes & Fittings

Dimensions & range:

  • UPVC Pipes range of production is from 1/2" dia to 8" dia in Class-B for 200ft head of water, Class-C for 300ft head of water, Class-D for 400ft head of water and Class-E for 500ft head of water pressure ratings (BS-3505).
  • uPVC Pipes are used for cold potable water transportation in urban as well as in rural areas.
  • uPVC Pipes have various other fields of application such as drainage, Sanitary, Chemical industry, Agriculture, Irrigation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration duct lines and Fire fighting systems.
  • uPVC Pipes are also used in tube wells and hand pumps as casing and strainer pipes, Master Fit PVC Electrical conduit are also manufactured by us from 1/2" dia to 4" diameters meeting Pakistan Standard (1905) and British Standard (6099).
  • uPVC are manufactured Industrial & housing use medium drainage pipes from 2" dia to 8".
  • uPVC Lead free pipes are manufactured (food grade) especially for drinking water.
  • uPVC Pipes and Electrical conduits are manufactured on twin screw machines using latest blending and extrusion techniques. In order to ensure quality, we have fully equipped laboratory and the quality of Master Fit uPVC pipes are tested by our qulified and trained staff during all stages of its manufacture.
  • We have toilet relentlessly to manufacture prime quality uPVC Pipes and Electrical Conduits and market it proudly but humbly to the entire satisfaction of users on most competitive prices.

General Properties:

  • Self extinguishing.
  • Easy to bend and cut.
  • Do not rust, rot or corrode - ever.
  • Smooth inner surface - less friction loss.
  • Light in weight - easy to transport and install.
  • Does not impart color, odour or taste to following water other fluids.
  • Most durable and dependable over other conventional pipes yet economical.
  • Chemical resistant to various Alkalis, Acids other chemicals and aggressive soils.
  • Non-toxic and nov conductive.
  • Corrosive fluid pipe lines-Dye houses, Chrome and Zinc plating plant. etc.

Master Fit


  • Chemical Plant Installation
  • Drain and waste
  • Irrigation and agriculture use
  • Electrical Cable Pipe
  • Paper Mill Installation (Alum & Pulp Carry)
  • Industrial Use
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Tube well casing and strainder
  • Telecom pipes
  • Coal Washing Plants
  • Mining
  • Vent and Duct
  • Chemical Supply
  • Cold Water supply
  • Fume extraction ducts
  • uPVC Pressure Pipes for Cold Potable Drinking Water as per PSI Specification PS-3051/91

uPVC Pipes Dimensions for Class B, C, D and E BS-3505 (PS-3051):

Master Fit

  • uPvc Pipes are available in 4 and 6 meters length.
  • uPVC Pipes are available in plain ends, socketed ends and also push on Rubber Ring joints (Z-joint).
  • uPVC Pipes can also be supplied in shorter or longer lenghts.
  • uPVC jointing solution and other accessories such as bends, sockets, tees, elbows, reducers and valves are also available.
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